Saturday, September 13, 2014

Audio of the Town Hall Meeting on September 5th: The Silent Holocaust of Christians in the Middle East

Audio of the meeting is found here:

The audio of Fr. Bashar Al-Shamany (in Arabic) is found here:

The unedited audio of the full meeting is found here, including the question and answers session at the end, which is not in the first link because the sound quality of the questions is not very good, but it is audible:

Fr. John (Anderson) wrote about the meeting here:

He will soon be posting a video of the meeting which will include Fr. Bashar Al-Shamany's speech with English subtitles. Here is a preview:

We raised almost $10,000.00 for International Orthodox Christian Charities, to aid the refugees in Syrian, Lebanon, Jordan, and Iraq.

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  1. I completely agree that there is a silent holocaust going on which no one is complaining about. Even I decided to give around 5% of my earning and donation I get during organizing and planning meeting rooms for corporates and companies.